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Asda Free From Mature Cheddar Alternative When is a Quaver not a Quaver? When it’s a lump of “cheese”.

Asda Free From Mature Cheddar Alternative When is a Quaver not a Quaver? When it’s a lump of “cheese”.

Asda Free From Cheese













  • Looks like dairy cheese
  • Tastes like Quavers
  • Not too badly priced


  • Doesn't melt well
  • Overpowering cheesy smell
  • Tastes like Quavers
  • Lacking in protein

Did you know that they used to make Quavers in Spicy Beef flavour? I didn’t know until I was trying (and failing) to find a joke about them. Many a persons’ childhood favourite crisp; those cheesy curls that melted in the mouth and positively healthy compared with a radioactive Wotsit!

Why am I wittering about Quavers? All will become clear.

This was actually my first purchase of a vegan cheese but I felt it merited a retrospective review now I’ve tried a few others. I’d been wanting to try a vegan cheese for some time but needed to pluck up some courage and find a reason for doing so. The fact that this Asda Free From “cheese” had won a gold award at the snappily titled “free from food awards” appealed. Perhaps I wouldn’t be wasting my hard earned cash.

Have to say, my first impressions reading the ingredients list were not good. One of the benefits for eating dairy cheese is that it’s a good source of protein especially if you don’t eat meat or fish. However, as it is made from coconut oil, thickeners and flavourings, the protein content is next to nothing. I am no manufacturer but would it be so difficult to fortify with protein? 

We decided to do a family taste test on the “cheese” and bravely opened the packet like a spider was about to leap out. It sort of looked like cheese – same pale yellow colour and it crumbled when you cut into it like you would expect. We all had a sniff: “smells like Quavers” exclaimed the girls. We all had a taste: “tastes like Quavers” exclaimed the girls. And they would be right. If you like Quavers you may well like this cheese. For us, the taste was too overpowering and artificial – like a Quaver/Wotsit hybrid.

We tried it on a pasta bake. It didn’t melt like cheese but it didn’t taste too bad mixed in with lots of other flavours. Over the course of the next few days most of the cheese was eaten; compared with some certain other “cheeses” not too bad. I’m not quite sure how it won a gold award though (unless the event was sponsored by Asda) as I’m beginning to feel there are better alternatives out there. I won’t be buying it again but suspect this may be one where it comes down to personal taste so try it and see what you think.

Asda Free From ingredients
Asda Free From Cheese – not free from quavers

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