1847 Restaurant, Manchester

1847 Restaurant, Manchester

1847 Manchester

£135 for 5












  • Imaginative cooking
  • High quality cooking
  • Low Price (Veganuary offer)
  • Outstanding range of choice
  • Friendly staff

A special occasion deserves a special meal and so with an armful of birthday presents we rocked up to 1847 in Manchester. We have been here a couple of times before and always had a gorgeous meal but we hadn’t been since it moved locations to new premises a few streets away. Would it be the same? Certainly, decor wise it had the same vibe – think dove grey, modern minimalism but it was bigger than before with a bar/seating area at the entrance.

Now it was Veganuary when we went (review slightly on the late side) and so they were offering a promotion of a vegan al la carte menu, 3 courses for £17.50 which would be pretty good value at any restaurant. There was a choice of 3 starters, 3 mains and 3 desserts. I have no idea if you could order off the main menu as well as we all opted for a choice from the vegan menu even the one of us who normally complains if there is no cheese on a menu!


One of the things I have always liked about this place it that even if you have a rough idea of what you are ordering you are never quite sure what everything means so it’s always a bit of a surprise. Bit like a culinary mystery tour – cross your fingers and hope you’ll be transported somewhere exciting. Also, their portion sizes are spot on so you never feel cheated yet you find yourself with that little bit of space to fit in a pudding and leave feeling pleasantly full but not button-popping stuffed.

Mushroomy starter

For starter I had (wait for it): crispy rice cake | shimeji | chanterelle | girolloes  | white truffle foam| porcini dust | parsley mousse – OK, something mushroomy then I was guessing. The dish came artfully arranged on a piece of slate, looking lovely and tasted pretty good too. I’m picky so I felt it could have done with some more seasoning and I couldn’t taste the parsley in the mousse but I like exotic mushrooms and good to eat something more unusual.

Singapore Tofu – the best vegetarian dish I have ever had, Clare. 

Deep breath now as the main was: Singapore tofu | rice noodle | laksa broth | sambal mousse | chao tai | bean sprout – right, something oriental then I guess! This dish was Amazing with a capital A. Firstly, it looked so vibrant and inviting: slices of beetroot pink tofu on a bright yellow coconutty sauce (I think), surrounded by blobs of flurescent pink, tandoori tasting “mousse” with green beans, noodles and beansprouts. The tofu was the star of the show, perfectly cooked with the noodles playing second fiddle as they rightly should in this dish. So, so tasty with every bite complementing each other. This is cooking at its best and one of those dishes I won’t forget in a hurry.

And so to dessert: dark chocolate | orange marmalade | hazelnut | salted toffee| bitter orange gel. Well, it says chocolate it’s bound to be good! I think I basically ate this in silence with the occasional mmm…. Soft, moist, chocolaty sponge with I’m presuming salted toffee topping but who knows, bitter oranges to counteract the sweetness, white dusty stuff that frankly I had no idea what it was but ate anyway. Gorgeous! And a dessert you could have served to anyone and they would never guess was vegan.

I finished the meal repleat and in my happy place!


I really enjoyed my meal at 1847 Manchester. We had booked a table although the restaurant was not too busy. I did not have a starter but for my main I had the: jerk chickpea | pineapple salsa | curried mango | pickled chilli | coconut | plantain crisps which was like a chickpea cake in a rather spicy sauce. With it was a yellow, sweet sauce made of mango which was not spicy unlike every thing else on the plate apart from the banananananananananananananana chips so it was something of a relief from the heat.  It was all very yummy though not for someone who does not like heat.

For pudding I had: dark chocolate | orange marmalade | hazelnut | salted toffee| bitter orange gel  which was orangey and chocolatey at the same time. It was a delicious mix of chocolate brownie and orange. Delicious!


Smoked Olive Polenta with a hidden aubergine.

I really enjoyed our meal at 1847 Manchester. I didn’t have a starter because I thought I would be too full. However, looking back, I think I could have managed one. For my main, I had the smoked olive polenta. I really enjoyed it but I think they could have put on the menu that it had aubergine on because I don’t like aubergine and there was a whole one just sat on top of it.I thought it was a chilli because my sister ate hers and then laughed at me. I ate mine and it didn’t taste of anything. Then my whole family started laughing at me and told me what it was. I wasn’t impressed.

For pudding, I had the dark chocolate tart thing. It was really delicious and I thought that the salted toffee and the dark chocolate worked together really well. Overall, I thought that we had a really good time and we all thought it was really nice.

The Heavenly Chocolate Dish to die for – we all had it! 


1847 is one of the best vegetarian restaurants we have been to. I’ll rephrase that – it is the best. The food is imaginative, always inspiring and with lots of originality and flair. It’s competitor in Manchester, Greens, pales into insignificance compared with 1847. For my starter I enjoyed the
smoked chipotle falafel | black bean | charred corn | blue tortilla | tomato and lime salsa. It didn’t look anything like it sounded and didn’t taste much like it appeared either! Absolutely delicious. For a main I enjoyed a
jerk chickpea| pineapple salsa| curried mango | pickled chilli| coconut| plantain crisps.

It’s interesting how 1847 Manchester set out their ingredients because you never quite know what is going to appear on the plate in front of you! This was again delicious, although I didn’t get much in the way of plantain crisps although I am sure it was in there somewhere. The rest of the family have reviewed the pudding, which was utterly morish. You wouldn’t have known it was vegan, which is a good thing as some vegan food, in my opinion, is utter pants.

Falafel – but different.

Only gripe with 1847 Manchester is that they seem to have moved into an underground car parking office and its a bit dark and gloomy. However the food more than makes up for the surroundings.

Emilys birthday!
A special occasion for Emily at 1847 – and a free cocktail! 
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