Las Iguanas, Chester

Las Iguanas, Chester

Las Iguanas, Chester

£62 for 5



Choice for veggie/vegans









  • Wide range of choice
  • Exclusive vegetarian menu
  • Quick service
  • Attentive staff
  • Location


  • Fast food
  • Not a lot of greenery
  • Salads fairly small
  • Not the cleanest place!

Our first review. A result of a family expedition to Saturnalia, a fairly random parade around Chester city centre by a range of interesting characters including a giant snowman, a load of skeletons and a Chinese dragon accompanied by a the Lord of Misrule and a troupe of Roman Soldiers! All rather good fun if you ever have the chance to see it.

Las Iguanas was voted for by the children in the family as the place they wanted to go beforehand for a quick bite to eat. Easy city centre access, open all day and separate Gluten Free and Vegetarian/Vegan menus. The latter is a major plus – a whole page of options without the need to filter for vegetarian stuff. 


Black bean and beetroot burger

The Peruvian fondue with patatas bravas was a hit as ever. We wolfed it down at top speed and the waiter had to remove Catrin’s plate before she licked the surface off! As a main I enjoyed the black bean and beetroot burger with a salad plus coleslaw. The black bean burger tasted delicious, although it was suffering from a bit of a pummeling at the hands of the chef – it was slightly too char-grilled. The salad was a little bit smaller than I would have liked, but that was OK because Catrin, Clare and me all shared chips and sweet potato fries.

The chips were not particularly impressive, but the sweet potato fries were delicious.


Las Iguanas: the chain that allows you to eat your way around Central/South America, another plus point when eating with a bevy of children as all can find something they like. It has an excellent, separate veggie menu with plenty of choice and clearly marked vegan options or dishes where it’s possible to “ask to make it vegan”.

Another plus point is that a number of the starters are for sharing: fun, means you don’t fill up too much and keeps the cost down a little – important when eating as a large family. All agreed on the choice of Peru fondue (we did ponder where in Peru it hails from but no matter as it is darn tasty) – a balanced combo of melty, smoky cheesy with a little chilli kick served with crispy potatoes to dip in or lose!.

Bean and beetroot burger
The Beetroot and Black Bean Burger.

I also had the bean burger – I’ve had it before and it used to be my favourite dish on the menu. However, though the burger was just as yummy (I like the char grilled bits) I don’t remember it coming with Emmental cheese on top before and I’m not sure this added anything to the dish. Emmental is quite a sweet cheese and I think a sharper cheddar would have worked with the burger better or preferably leave the cheese off. Chips were OK but agree that the sweet potato fries were better. 


I really enjoyed my meal. I had the vegetable enchilada high was a cooked wrap filled with sweet potato on a bed of rice and refried beans with a sprinkle of cheese on top. In my opinion the meal was really scrumptious as it had plenty of flavour. I didn’t manage to eat all of it though as it was slightly too big for me. This is one of my favourite dishes there as it is different and interesting.

Enchilladas at Las Iguanas Chester
The massive Enchillada with a shed load of refried beans.


Las Iguanas had delicious food and a great variety of vegetarian/vegan choices. I shared a yummy cheese fondue with my parents with crispy potatoes. It was neatly presented and the cheese was rather smokey (in a good way) with a sprinkle of chilli flakes and seeds on top. Even though there was quite a few chilli flakes on top, the cheese cancelled out lots of the spice leaving a perfect heat on your tongue.

Shortly after the first course was eaten my black bean and beetroot burger with fries came. It was pretty tall ,so after getting halfway through my burger I had to give up and eat it with a knife and fork. The burger had a quite charred taste and it was more black than the expected purple but overall it was a good Thursday eatable. The fries were not the best but enjoyable with the main part of the dish.

After the main course, we were so full we didn’t have room for anything else so like planned we went and watched the wonderful Saturnalia parade. It was good but like Dad said very random!


LasIguanas is a great place to eat out for vegetarians and vegans alike. They havean extensive menu that has a wide variety of food from countries such asMexico, Brazil and Peru. I really enjoyed the cheese fondue we shared as astarter. I thought that the cheese was really smoky and  worked really well with the potatoes. I loved the cheese and I could have just eaten it for hours on end.

For my main I had the enchilada. I thought that the actual tortilla part of my main was delicious, however, the refried beans tasted really bland compared to the rest of the dish. The cheese worked really well with the rest of the meal and I feel that it really enhanced the taste of the refried beans making them more enjoyable to eat than eating them plain. I think the rice could have done with not being plain and instead having spring onions or something in it. I was so full after eating the enchilada, I couldn’t finish the refried beans!

Patatas Bravas
The potatoes and fondue.. 

Not longer afterwards! 

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