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VBites Cheezly – it’s cheese Jim but not as we know it!

VBites Cheezly – it’s cheese Jim but not as we know it!

Cheezly by VBites













  • Looked more like cheese than plastic


  • Dreadful Taste
  • Horrible Texture
  • Generally Revolting
  • Not Really Fit for Human Consumption

Its Veganuary so as well as attempting to eat Vegan for a month I thought I’d buy and review some vegan products. 

Cheese – I may not eat as much of it these days but I still like it, eat it, cook with it and the rest of the family love it. We like it with crackers as a snack, have it melted on pizza, in lasagne and sprinkled over pasta. We are all partial to cheese on toast with veggie Worcester sauce on top. So a stumbling block to persuading any of us to go Vegan full time would be  finding a good vegan substitute that will pass muster with the family.

Wandering around a well-known health food store I spied a couple of vegan cheeses in the fridge on special offer. It’s a brand called Cheezly and I bought their Cheddar style and Mozzarella Style to try. I had high hopes for these cheeses as, unlike a lot of vegan cheeses that are made mostly from coconut oil and therefore are poor nutritionally, these are made with soya protein.

We tried the Cheddar style first. On first glance it was a rather off putting shade of pale grey and it didn’t slice or crumble the way cheese does. I smelt it – it smelt like paint! How on earth do you produce a product for human consumption that smells like paint? Answer – I don’t think it is for human consumption as the taste is truly awful. We all tried it and didn’t get further than the first bite. This does not bear any resemblance to cheese that I know. It has an almost chemical taste with an aftertaste of Quavers. In the bin it went.

Revolting Vegan Cheese 2
Bleearrgh! This really was utterly revolting. 

OK – so would the Mozzarella style be any better. Well it didn’t look any different in colour or texture to the Cheddar style so not a good start. Smell wise it was less offensive but still chemically and tastewise it was just as bad. Again no-one got further than one bite. In the interest of this review I decided to melt it to see if it was any better. It did melt well so there is one positive except the chemical taste was even more pronounced when warm. Second lot of “cheese” in the bin!

In summary, these products received a big thumbs down from all of us and I won’t be rushing to buy this brands products again in a hurry.

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