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Yep – I can hear you all saying it now: why on earth would a vegetarian eat at a steakhouse? It was a case of lunch out with a large group of friends and I didn’t have a say in the matter. I did check out the online menu before we agreed to go to make sure there was something other than a plate of chips that we could eat. Actually, I was pleasantly surprised at the menu. They had a number of appetising veggie options and even a vegan option (yes you read that correctly). Amused that they lump everything that doesn’t come from a cow into one section of the menu called Fish, Salad and Vegetarian.

Interesting decor in a Miller & Carter Steakhouse . If you are easily offended by pictures of meat I’d probably avoid. There are pictures, sculptures and wall hangings of cows and bulls everywhere and I mean everywhere – even in the loos! There is also an informative picture on the menu like you get in a butchers showing you exactly which part of said cow you are eating when you order your steak – lovely.


I was tempted by the interesting sounding “fennel, quinoa and pepper burger” but aware I was eating later as well thought I’d better order something a little lighter. In the end, I thought I’d try the vegan option of the “Oven Stuffed Roasted Aubergine”. That’s exactly the way they write it by the way (check out the online menu) – but the error amuses me so I won’t point out to them the difficulty of stuffing an aubergine with an oven!

Anyway, it was stuffed with a tomato sauce, topped with a crunchy granola and came with a dressed salad. And I’m pleased to say it did. I’m also pleased to say that it was really tasty and well cooked. I’ve eaten so many undercooked aubergines in various restaurants that I tend not to order them often. They had cooked this one whole, with slits filled with the sauce and it was perfectly cooked. Proper, melt in the mouth aubergine. Sauce/stuffing was good – lovely, spicy tomato sauce and the crunchy “granola” complementing the dish.

The side salad was different and unusual too. Not your normal bit of lettuce, cucumber and tomato. This one was crunchy and fresh – I think there was white cabbage in there – plus pumpkin seeds and pomegranate seeds.

So in summary, don’t despair as a veggie/vegan if you ever find yourself in a Miller & Carter Steakhouse. You may find you have a good meal – just try and ignore the pictures!

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