Jaunty Goat, Northgate Street, Chester

Jaunty Goat, Northgate Street, Chester

I think we’ve wrote in previous posts how Chester, given its size and tourist industry, lacks places to eat as a vegetarian/vegan if you want somewhere different to the standard chains. I think we also mentioned that things are finally starting to look up. Jaunty Goat already has a very popular cafe on Bridge Street in Chester but have taken the brave decision to open a second, completely plant based branch. Warning – it is only small – they have done well with the space to fit in as many seats as they have but given its popularity you may need to wait for a table. And don’t go as a large group as I doubt you’d get a seat together.

We had a go at visiting when it was just myself and Emily. Again, it was busy but the very helpful, friendly staff said they had a couple of seats at the bar so result. We ordered off the Winter menu – the waitress said they change the menu regularly and try to cook seasonally which is good to know.

Wild Mushrooms on Toast
Wild Mushrooms on Toast at the Jaunty Goat


I decided to go for the mushrooms on toast – well it was a bit posher than that – wild mushrooms on toasted sourdough with a white bean puree. Service was good and we didn’t have long to wait even though busy. But I was slightly disappointed with the dish. The mushrooms were beautifully cooked and tasty but I think they had forgotten the bean puree which I suspect was quite integral to the taste of the dish. Also, it lacked colour and looked rather bland and beige. If only they had put a handful of rocket on the side. The portion wasn’t big either – again think the bean puree may have made it more filling – so I was still hungry afterwards. Perhaps this is deliberate so you choose a dessert.

I wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity of sampling the cakes which all looked gorgeous. I think vegans get a raw deal in the dessert department in most places. Not here – there were 5 or 6 cakes/traybakes to choose from. I went for the Chocolate Brownie. Hand on heart it was the best chocolate brownie I have ever eaten – vegan or non-vegan. Dense, squidgy and so chocolatey – is that a word? Had it with a coffee (well you have to) and think I chose oat milk. They had 3 plant based milks to choose from.

Will I be going back? I think so. It has a good atmosphere and it is super friendly. Plus the coffee is good and I need to try the other cakes. I’ll put my slightly disappointing dish down as a mistake and try something else next time. I’d go back anyway just for a slice of that brownie!

Chocolate Brownie
Chocolate Brownie – quite simply the best in the world – Jaunty Goat, Chester

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