Welcome to Veggie Nuggets!

Welcome to Veggie Nuggets!

We are the Fagans: a family of 5 foodies of whom 4 of us are vegetarian and one who goes by that modern term – flexitarian. We love to dine out, sample new dishes and generally just eat so we thought we would put this to good use and review the vegetarian and vegan fare in restaurants and cafes around the UK and beyond. We like imaginative, exciting menus and a little bit more choice than that old staple of “vegetable lasagne and garlic bread” when we go out. 

We are reviewing as a family each place we visit to bring you the differing opinions of Catrin (11), Cerys (13), Emily (14), Clare (40+) and Jonathan (40+) so you will have a child’s as well as a grown up’s perspective.  

Why do we blog about our food? Because we have spent so many meal times wishing chefs could produce more adventurous food for vegetarians and vegans but equally we have also been to some fab eateries and want to tell the world about them.

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