Herb, Leicester

Herb, Leicester
Herb Leicester
Herb in Leicester – delicious vegetarian food – too much choice!

Herb is a vegetarian and vegan Kerala restaurant in the centre of Leicester providing a menu of fully vegetarian and vegan meals.

Our family recently went there and this is our review of the food.


I have to say that our family love eating Indian and Pakistani food, and this particular restaurant was outstanding in lots of different ways. I opted for the thali and this came as a bowl of soup plus eight dishes; chutney, todha bread, pilau rice and a small pudding with rice pudding and cardamoms in it.

The mix of tastes was exceptional with a little bowl of dried chillies, banana and papaya (I think) as well. The variety of dishes was something out of the ordinary because in so many Indian restaurants they seem to have one base sauce that they then throw a few extra things in to try and claim it is something different, so a vegetable balti will taste remarkably similar to a vegetable rogan josh or jalfrezi other than a few of the spices will be slightly varied in each of the meals.

There was nothing like this at the Herb Restaurant. Here the food was completely varied and I enjoyed a dahl, a mushroom curry, a coconut and green bean concoction, an aubergine and paneer in a tomato sauce dish, and a couple of others that I cannot remember but they did taste nice. There was quite an emphasis on the use of coconut in the different dishes, but this was well done, although I would suggest slightly more variety and not so much coconut in all the dishes, although I appreciate this may be the Kerala way of cooking.

The pudding provided was slightly smaller than I would have expected, and I thought the ice cream they served up to the children in our party was a bit measly and could have done with a little bit more, but overall this was a really nice eating experience and the stress caused by having a whole vegetarian and vegan Indian menu to choose from was immense. I am simply not used to needing to look at anything more than choosing between a vegetable balti and a vegetable jalfrezi, so it was very hard to pick between all the different options on this particular restaurant’s menu.

The meal was washed down by a delicious pint of cool Cobra beer, and the ambience in the restaurant was really nice and something different. The signage to the toilet slightly confused our children, because instead of toilet it said “wash” (do children ever do this?), and there was a distracting television screen behind us as we sat eating which was playing videos from an Indian government travel agency, which was slightly off-putting as we were eating, particularly for the kids in the party.

However I would give this restaurant 5 stars for service, taste, and 5 stars for atmosphere. This was an exceptional Indian vegetarian restaurant.

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