Update on Veganuary

Update on Veganuary

Well, Veganuary is over for another year. So how did it go?

Have to say that it went a lot easier than last year. I was better prepared as we mostly eat vegan at home anyway and as I said in my last post I’ve gotten over my awkwardness when it comes to asking for plant milk in cafés.

The girls embraced Veganuary at home but it was a different matter at school. Although they have the vegetarian option for school dinner they told me they were definitely not having the vegan option as it meant ordering specially and it “was disgusting” anyway. To be fair, they moan that the veggie option is barely palatable at times so I don’t blame them!

Jonathan went along with Veganuary at home but not out and about. He did have oat milk where it was available something he hasn’t particularly bothered with before.

We went to a couple of vegan restaurants to eat out so that was easy and an enjoyable thing to do. As a family we have had fun doing taste tests on sausages and lots of different plant milks (reviews to come).

The only issues I had was when visiting friends. I stayed with a friend in the North East. We were going to the local village pub. She mentioned to them that I was vegan when booking a table and they thoughtfully presented me with my own menu with choices! I was touched as they had obviously gone to the trouble of thinking about what to cook. And the food wasn’t bad either.

I also had to think ahead in terms of taking some plant milk with me for a cuppa and warning friends in advance that I was doing Veganuary if they were planning on cooking. II felt like I was putting people out but nobody seemed to mind. It prompted a discussion about diets instead. I made some vegan Baileys to take with me that went down so well they asked for the recipe. Also a couple of friends were curious to try an alternative milk in their drinks so gave it a go and were pleasantly surprised.

At the end of the month we had a chat as a family whether we wanted to continue just using plant milk in the home or buy dairy milk again. All the girls said they preferred the taste of plant milk so wanted to continue and Jonathan said he was happy as long as we had a supply of oat milk in (his personal favourite). I think everyone is happy to continue with vegan meals at home, not much change as mostly cooked vegan anyway. We’ll have to see when out and about. I think everyone will have plant milk where it is an option and vegan meals if it sounds nice but alternatively will have the veggie option if more appetising.

We go to France next month. It is a challenge being vegetarian there never mind being vegan! The only option for eating out is pizza or pasta. There are tempting patisseries on every corner and every type of cheese you could ever want. Let’s see how it goes.

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