Domu Cafe, Bangor, Wales

Domu Cafe, Bangor, Wales

A freezing cold and windy day in February stood on the touchline watching football in Caernarfon is not my idea of a fun Saturday morning. However, it did mean that as a consolation we could head to Bangor for lunch. That’s Bangor in North Wales mind and not Bangor in Northern Ireland as I found out when I switched on Google maps and it said it was 120 miles away!

Why Bangor? Well, it happens to be a mini mecca for vegetarians with a veggie café, a vegan café a vegan pop up foodie stall and a vegan bistro type place. Having Bangor University means a big student population so I wonder if that’s the reason, as North Wales isn’t exactly known for it veggie dining.

We went to Domu, the veggie café. It’s in a good location on the main street in a converted pub. It has a trendy, urban feel to it but it’s warm and welcoming too. The staff are very friendly with big smiles and asking how we were – freezing cold and in need for a coffee actually. It is obviously a popular spot and was busy when we arrived. I thought we might have to wait a while for the food but it came fairly quickly and again with a big smile.

Tea – Domu style

There is a good selection on the menu and everything is clearly labelled as to whether it is veggie or vegan. It’s probably a 50/50 split. There are flatbreads with varied toppings, various nacho dishes, soups and savoury croissants. It has a long drinks menu with lots of different teas to try as well as all the coffees. Oat and soya milk were both available.


First thing first – coffee – I said we were cold! Decaff, oat milk latte for me – lovely frothy and warming. A nice touch is that the hot drinks come with a little side of peanut butter filled pretzels – yum. For anyone worried about allergens this is clearly stated on the drinks menu and they clarify with everyone if you are OK on ordering.

Halloumi croissant
Falafel Croissant

After much deliberation as lots of choice, I decided on a savoury croissant. I went for the vegan wholemeal and spelt croissant with a filling of hummus, falafel, tomato and rocket. Never had a vegan croissant before so pleasantly surprised – it was savoury rather than sweet and really tasty so went well with the filling. I think the hummus was homemade, not sure the falafel were but they were fine. I did like the toasted chickpeas that made a surprise appearance in the filling for a bit of crunch too. It didn’t look that big a portion when it arrived but actually it was pretty filling. That did mean though that I didn’t have room for cake! Ah well maybe next time.


vegan croissant
Halloumi Croissant

I decided to have a french croissant which contained halloumi, cherry tomatoes, a little bit of spinach and a blend of cheese. It came with a chilli jam which wasn’t too spicy but had just the right amount of spice and tang to be able to put a large amount on your croissant. I really liked the croissant as it had plenty of halloumi in which is a change from some places which give a very measly amount. Halloumi is my favourite cheese as well and this combination didn’t disappoint as it was very delicious. Surprisingly as well it was quite filling for the fact that it was just a croissant.

orange cake
Orange cake

I also had what appeared to be an orange cake with chocolate on top. In my opinion it looked and was quite like a jaffa cake as it had a nice, hint of orange, sponge with a layer of dark chocolate on top for a added sweetness. Also, through the cake was an orange curd drizzle which added a nice bit of tang to make the cake scrumptious. However, the best part of this cafe is the peanut butter pretzels that come with the hot drinks which melt in your mouth and are delicious.

In summary:

Good, friendly, inexpensive café to visit when in Bangor whether for just a drink, cake or food. I’d definitely recommend and will be visiting again.

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