The Flower Cup, Chester

The Flower Cup, Chester

The Flower Cup, Chester

£52 for 5












  • Choice
  • Well cooked and prepared
  • Friendly staff
  • Great central location
  • Quick service


  • Bit chillly near door!
  • Slightly scruffy

We have already been to this café twice before. Each time we have been so hungry that we’ve eaten half the food before realising we had forgotten to take photos! Third time lucky…

Until recently, Chester (surprisingly given it’s size) has had a bit a dirth when it comes to catering for vegetarians/vegans. OK, so it’s not like you are going to go hungry – there are all the usual chains/cafés. But, it didn’t seem to have many independent eateries with interesting food so we would often end up at Pret. However, over the past 12 months there has been a hint of a change with a few new places opening up. Long may they last.

The Flower Cup is tucked away on the top level of the rows (wooden, covered walkways constructed by the Victorians) on Watergate Street. It’s a welcoming place with a botanical theme and outside cushions to lounge on when it’s a fine day. The staff are friendly and we’ve always found the service to be good without too much of a wait for food even when busy. However, it seems to be a popular place so be prepared to wait for a table.

This is not an exclusively veggie place – more that they cater for everyone equally including vegans. In terms of food – think brunch. There is always a soup on the specials board and everytime I have visited it has been suitable for vegans. There is also a yummy looking selection of cakes on the counter, usually with one or 2 vegan options as well.


The Flower Cup cafe, Chester
Sweet Potato Cakes

I opted for the “sweet potato cakes with tofu, cherry toms and rocket” from the vegan menu. I’d already sampled the “tofu hash” and “vegan all day breakfast” on previous visits. I also had a decaf cuppa with soya milk. There is a choice of non-dairy milks on the drinks menu. Slightly worried that I might not have enough food due to bad experiences with fish cakes in years gone by. Needn’t have worried as when the dish came there were 2 very large cakes with plenty of tofu, lightly fried and sprinkled with  herbs. All looked appetising, colourful and I very much enjoyed it. The cakes were flavoured with red onion, well-seasoned and went well with the rest of the dish. 

Rhubarb Custard Cake
Rhubarb and Custard Cake

As everyone else was having a cake I didn’t want to be left out. The vegan option was a “Rhubarb and Custard Cake” so I thought I’d try it. It was decent cake, nice and moist (I have had some awful, dry, odd tasting vegan cakes in the past so I should know). The custard flavour came through well but I would definitely have liked a lot more rhubarb to counterbalance and add more flavour. Not bad though.


Firstly I must say how nice the interior of the cafe is. It is a mismatch of white and brown tables with benches, chairs and a cocoon to sit at. It is rather small which makes it feel very cosy and has plants hanging from the ceiling which you can buy next door in their sister shop.

Avocado on Toast
Avocado on Toast with Halloumi

For main I had the avocado on toast with halloumi on top which comes as a nice, sourdough type of bread with smashed avocado, 3 slices of halloumi, watercress salad and an egg on top. It is plenty to have at lunch as it is so filling. There is also just the right amount of halloumi to cover the slice with, as well as plenty of avocado. This is the nicest avocado toast I have had ever.

For pudding I has their rocky road which had marshmallows in it so isn’t vegetarian. However, it had such a squidgy gorgeous texture and the chocolate just melts in your mouth.

Rocky Road
Rocky Road – not vegetarian, but Emily enjoyed it!


The Flower Cup is like an oasis in the middle of a desert. Chester is, to say it is a big city, utterly dreadful for vegetarian catering. There has been until now very little indeed out there for vegetarians who don’t want a cheese and tomato panini with crisps. Very surprising, because Chester is such a cosmopolitan mix, but not when it comes to restaurants. This time around I chose the Avocado on Toast, which came with avocado, halloumi, a poached egg and some rocket. It tasted absolutely delicious – the avocado had a hint of garlic and quite possibly spring onions. The toast was sourdough bread and the portion size was spot on – nice and big. For pudding, I enjoyed the pear and cardamom cake, which was lovely and moist. All in all, I give this cafe a big thumbs up. Nice to have a choice of decent vegetarian food in Chester for a change, in a cafe that is not even vegan or vegetarian! 

Pear and Cardamon Cake
Pear and Cardamon Cake – very unusual but tasty!


The flower cup cafe is a quaint little place and very hot and humid. For my meal I had the Eggs Florentine – a fav of all of us. The bread was deliciously toasted with perfectly poached eggs on top with a deliciously cheesy sauce and spinach. The dish worked really well together. For afters, I had the caramel  brownie which was silky smooth topped with sweet caramel. It was amazingly gooey and a perfect lunch time banger!

Eggs Florentine - a Lunchtime Banger
Eggs Florentine – a Lunchtime Banger


The Flowerpot Cafe is a beautiful place to eat in the middle of Chester. The inside is full of beautiful plants and flowers that you can buy in the shop next door. I had the eggs florentine for my lunch. It was delicious and I really loved the sauce that came with it however I think it could have used more. For pudding, I had the lemon and poppy seed cake. I really liked it but I think it needed more lemon. This is I. The icing as well as the cake.

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