Green’s Café and Bistro, Grasmere

Green’s Café and Bistro, Grasmere

Green's Cafe, Grasmere

£55 for 5












  • Atmosphere
  • Friendly Staff
  • Log Burning Fire
  • Taste
  • Choice


  • Price of Cakes

Green’s Café in Grasmere made a handy, halfway stop for lunch on a 7 mile walk from Rydal Water and back. Grasmere is one of the prettiest spots in the Lake District, a place untouched by time, busy but not heaving with tourists like Windermere or Ambleside. It also the place selling “Sarah Nelson’s World Famous Gingerbread”, a local speciality with a closely guarded secret recipe. This is gingerbread like no other and worth trying – they can deliver anywhere in the world apparently.

We’d already chosen somewhere for lunch using the Happy Cow website which recommended Greens Café. Although not exclusively vegetarian, there online menu showed it had a good choice with interesting options.

It isn’t a big place plus couple with Grasmere being rather busy and not having too many places to eat means you may have to be prepared to wait for a table. They do have quite a few tables outside so easing the pressure when the weather is fine. Inside was a log fire which was a very welcoming way to warm up after our walk.

Pricing is slightly odd with some dishes seeming very expensive whereas others like soup at £5 seeming good value. The cakes were pricy too although large enough to share.


I had the falafel and halloumi wrap which consisted of a toasted wrap of their homemade pea and chickpea falafel, with halloumi, served with a dressed mixed salad, tortilla crisps and a lime and coriander dip. This wrap was very tasty as it had one of my fave types of cheese in it; halloumi. The falafel and halloumi went very well together as the halloumi is salty whereas the falafel is quite smooth. By adding the halloumi they added some extra jazz. I thought the side salad on the side was different as it was mixed leaves with peppers and tomatoes coated with a balsamic glaze. The only thing that wasn’t scrumptious was the tortilla crisps which tasted rather bland and needed some more seasoning. The dip in my opinion was different as it tasted like the mint sauce you get with Indian takeaways. I ate most of it and I only realised when I looked back at the menu that it contained coriander which I am not very fond of.

Falafel Wrap
Falafel Wrap – £10!


To warm me up for the way back I opted for the Spicy Sweet Potato Soup. It came in a lovely, large, deep bowl and was an excellent sized portion (I hate it when you order soup and it comes as a measly little bowlful). The soup was described as “spicy” on the menu and they weren’t kidding so perhaps not one for small children. It really packed a chilli hit but in a good way and certainly warmed me up. However, it didn’t overwhelm the sweet potato either and all in all was a delicious, filling bowlful of warmth. It came with a seeded role that they had warmed in the oven – nice touch.

Spicy Soup
Spicy Soup


At Greens I had the egg mayo and cucumber sandwich. It came with crisps and a side salad. The egg and cucumber sandwich was really nice although it was so packed full of egg that it was all falling out of the sandwich. The side salad was nice and it had a dressing on it. The crisps were nice but I would have preferred if they used tortilla crisps instead of normal crisps.

Egg Sandwich
The Egg Sandwich

For pudding I had a chocolate brownie. It was really delicious and I thought that it was really soft and it was so chocolatey and gooey.


This café was heaving, and quite rightly so as the food was delicious and the atmosphere warm and friendly. The staff are extremely helpful, even when rushed off their feet. The wood burning stove in the corner of the café is particularly inviting.. Greens is not a vegetarian café but has a lot of veggie choices on the menu. I ordered the spicy sweet potato soup and was pleasantly surprised. Usually, when something is described as spicy I am very disappointed at the slight tingling to the back of the throat. This was seriously spicy soup and tasted delicious. I wouldn’t say it blew my head off, but it certainly warmed me up! We ordered cakes for take out and consumed them sat on a bench high above Rydal Water on our way back to the car. Lovely day, nice café. Only gripe would be a) the price of the brownies and tray bakes. Exceedingly expensive at £4.. Tasted delicious though, and b) the price of the falafel wrap – £10.


When we went to Greens I had a really nice meal. It was a small cafe but cosy and warm. I decided on the falafel and halloumi wrap which was really nice. The falafel was silky smooth and went with the salty halloumi really well . Alright salad with tortilla chips yummy minty dip.

For pud I had the chocolate tiffin which was probably the best I have ever had! It was amazingly chocolately and delicious. I could not stop eating it except I had to because I had eaten all of it . Greens was a good place to eat out.

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